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  • Aromatherapy MassageAromatherapy MassageCombining warm oil and the healing power of volcanic stones, your therapist will perform our most relaxing and pampering massage..
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Aromatico Massage provides a holistic approach to relaxation offering, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Reflexology. With use of pure and natural herbs originating from Thailand, Which will aid muscle and joint pain, increase blood circulation, and nourish and revitalize the skin.


As you enter our environment, you will notice Aromatico fragrances and a feeling of a Deeply relaxed and tranquil setting.

  • Detoxigy Body Warp

    With a special blend of liquid
    seaweed gel, you will be wrapped
    along with a blend of essential
    oils...read more

  • Reflexology

    act of applying pressure to the
    feet and hand with specific thumb,
    finger and hand techniques without
    the use of oil of lotion... read more

  • Indian Head Massage

    A wonderful, blissful treatment to
    de-stress you whilst relaxing tense,
    aching upper body muscles
     read more

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Effective tool in facilitating
    breathing techniques, reducing
    and managing stress, skin
    and organ disorders... read more

  • Hot Stone Therapy

    Will perform our most relaxing
    and pampering massage, placing
    the stones on certain points
    of your body to...read more

  • Skin Care

    pure coconut is used for facial
    treatments and smoothes lines
    and wrinkles and brightens
    the skin... read more